Lhakar: Monlam and brief information on Prostration.

Many of you joined us at the commmunity center for Lhakar last week to learn more about Tsampa. Participants of our first Lhakar enjoyed the event and felt it was very educational, especially our youths. This Lhakar, TANC will host monlam at the community center from 7pm. In addition to monlam, this Lhakar we'Ll learn about prostration - how and why we prostrate from one of our community member, Tenzin Geleg la.
Please continue to support Lhakar, a movement against the Chinese occupation that has emerged in Tibet where each Wednesday Tibetans speak only Tibetan, wear traditional clothes and eat Tibetan food. 
So we request everyone to dress in our traditional clothes on Wednesday at Dhe Shey Phuntsogling.
Lhakar: Monlam and learn about prostration.
Where: Dhe Shey Phuntsogling, 5200 Hungtington Ave, Richmond, CA
When: Wednesday, April 11th from 7pm.
Bhoe gyallo!

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